Partnership Opportunities


Global Connections and More is strategically located in the center of the midwest region of the United States to best serve our clients. We are motivated to develop a mutually beneficial partnership through great communication, competitive pricing and unmatched customer service. We are a partner who understands the importance of commitment and a scheduled time line that will deliver high quality products and services. 

We offer a myriad of services and products including both low and high volume production capabilities. At Global Connections we seek to partner with you in fulfilling your design, manufacturing, packaging and distribution needs.

Whether you seek a simple design for a brand logo, a website, and packaging or need a reliable partner for your entire design and prototyping, we’re here for you. No matter the project scope, our goal remains the same: simplify, optimize and refine your designs so you can create the best products at the most impressive prices.

We offer products in the following areas

Home, we provide products that provide non-toxic cleaning, convenient (and cost-effective) those DIYer’s remodeling alternatives, document correction, automotive care electronic care and personal care like hand sanitizer.

Hotel, we provide several non-toxic, industry standard products that will improve your hotel service, from anti-fog spray to aromatherapy hand sanitizer and many more, we have what you need.

Industrial, we offer high-temperature ink applications, environmentally sound cleaning for electronics, automotive preparation and removable paint that can be applied to glass.

Office and School, we offer environmentally friendly products that provide worry-free efficiency. These products are a wide variety of essential items for uses like document correction, whiteboard supplies cleaning solutions and personal care like hand sanitizer.


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